Acne in Elementary School?

How Puberty Affects Acne

A few generations ago acne was not something kids under age fourteen had to deal with on a regular basis. There is no arguing that puberty is happening at a younger and younger age, especially for girls. The average age of menstruation has decreased in recent generations, and girls as young as eight and nine might have already begun menstruation. The appearance of secondary sex characteristics such as breast development has also been occurring at a younger age. What impact will this have on acne?

It's a Hormonal Issue

Acne is often associated with puberty. Whether it’s a few pimples or more serious acne, puberty is a time when over 80% of adolescents experience some degree of acne. The fact that puberty is occurring at a younger age also impacts when acne will begin to appear.

What's Going On?

Scientists have several different explanations about why girls are reaching puberty sooner. One of those explanations focuses on environmental toxins and pollution. Another blames the hormones that dairy cows are given. Regardless of the reason, early puberty means that girls have to deal with acne sooner as well. With the grim predictions some scientists have about puberty trends, it seems Clearasil might eventually needed for the elementary set.

Limiting dairy intake and only eating organic dairy products can be helpful. At some point, though, regardless of lifestyle factors, most adolescents do experience some degree of acne. Even babies can experience acne mainly because they are reacting to the excessive hormones they encountered in utero, and it takes time for their bodies to purge these hormones.

If you have a child under ten or eleven who is experiencing acne, you might want to consult your doctor or a dermatologist. I’ve yet to see any age restrictions placed on over-the-counter acne products, but topical use of products containing salicylic acid is not thought to be harmful. Obviously, though, these products should not be used on an infant who is experiencing acne following birth.

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