Acne Facial Masks and Scrubs Explained

Which Facial Mask and/or Scrub is Right for Your Acne?

If you suffer from acne, there is a very good chance that you are overwhelmed with the wide variety of facial masks available. There are so many choices, and it can be hard to pick the right facial mask for you. Never fear… We’ll help you understand which facial masks are good for your acne and which aren’t.

The Basics

Facial masks are available in a few basic categories. There are the peel-off masks that go on as a gel, and when they fully dry, you simply peel them off. There are also traditional masks, which have a creamier texture.

Peel-off facial masks are usually intended for individuals who have oily skin. It’s important to be careful any time you are using peel-off facial masks.

If you have dry skin, you should avoid using peel-off masks. Keep the peel-off mask on your face for the amount of time specified on the product. Don’t leave it on any longer than the product says or you can make your acne worse. You can use your peel-off mask on other acne-prone areas such as your shoulders or back.

It’s recommended that you use a facial mask once or twice a week. Using a facial mask daily is unnecessary and can actually aggravate your skin and make your acne worse.

Scrubs Are Not Masks

Facial scrubs represent another category of facial products that acne sufferers need to be careful with when using. Scrubs aren’t intended to be use on a daily basis. You should only use a facial scrub two or three times per week, at most.

If you only have blackheads, scrubs can be a good choice. Scrubs aren’t a good option if you have a lot of whiteheads or suffer from severe acne.

You aren’t limited to using facial scrubs specifically intended for acne sufferers, although such scrubs will contain acne-fighting ingredients that can lessen your acne.

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