Acne Can Affect More Than Just Your Face

How Acne Affects Other Parts of the Boy

Acne is a dreaded skin condition that plagues both teens and adults alike. Most often when people think of acne they are inclined to only think of facial acne and might be surprised to learn that acne can occur on many other areas of the body. In fact, many adults are sometimes affected by body acne long after their facial acne clears up. If you’re wondering why you’re breaking out in areas other than your face, read on…

A Bit About Body Acne

Body acne can occur on many areas of the body, even if you don’t have any facial acne. While it is not exactly common, there are indeed individuals who do not have facial acne but do suffer from body acne.

The most common area for acne other than the face is the upper back. The upper back can be prone to acne, and perspiration during exercise can make it worse. Acne on the back is often referred to by the slang terms bacne or backne and has been the brunt of many jokes on popular television shows. Back acne can be exacerbated by tight-fitting clothing so if you suffer from the condition, make sure your wardrobe isn’t making it worse.

Besides the upper back, the shoulder area and the lower back can also be affected by body acne. While these areas do not usually display acne as severely as that found on the upper back, it can be noticeable during the summer when crop tops and spaghetti straps are worn.

The chest is the next most common area for acne following the upper back and shoulders and even the buttocks can be plagued by the condition, which is made worse by sitting. However, not sitting down isn’t exactly an option for many people.

When treating body acne, it’s best do to do it from the inside out. There’s a great e-course at this acne treatment website that can teach you to do just that (and it’s free!).

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