Acne and Salmon

Can Seafood Improve Acne?

Most dermatologists insist that diet has no impact on whether or not a person experiences acne. Just try to tell that to any of the millions of acne sufferers. Many people who suffer from acne-prone complexions report that their personal experiences prove this common myth to be wrong. Most acne sufferers notice flare-ups or improvement in their acne depending on what foods they have been eating. One food that has been given much attention for its impact on acne has been salmon.

Will Salmon Cure Your Acne?

So, you might be wondering whether or not salmon will improve or worsen acne. The answer is both, depending on who you ask. Some people have actually reported that they have noticed their acne worsen after they consumed salmon or other types of fish. One possible explanation for the negative effect is the iodine content of salmon. Salmon, tuna, and other types of seafood have a high iodine content and there are some acne sufferers who have negative reactions to iodine.

There are other acne sufferers, however, who actually report that if they increase their intake of salmon and other seafood, they experience an improvement in their complexion. Salmon contains Omega 3, which is likely to cause this improvement.

It is my own personal experience that consuming salmon results in a healthy glow and well-moisturized feel skin. Tuna, however, causes a few pimples along my jaw line. It’s possible the difference is caused by the fact that I usually eat fresh salmon (often wild caught), and I often eat canned tuna.

Create a Diet Journal

Determining which foods trigger your acne can be very difficult. The best is to keep a diet journal. Each day record everything you eat. Also, make sure you write down information about the appearance of your skin. Note any new pimples or breakouts. Write down whether or not your skin feels excessively oily or dry. After a while, you might notice patterns emerging that will help you in treating your acne and you’ll be able to determine if salmon is your friend or your foe when it comes to combating acne.

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