Acne and Gender Differences

Does Acne Affect Girls and Boys Differently?

Acne can affect each gender differently. In order to successfully treat acne, it is important to know how acne affects boys and girls differently. Finding a successful acne treatment depends upon knowing what acne is and how it affects both boys and girls.

Acne Doesn’t Discriminate Based On Gender

Both males and females can get acne. That much is obvious. So, let’s take a look at some main differences between acne in boys and girls.

Onset is one key area where there are visible differences between boys and girls. Girls typically get acne at a younger age than boys. Because puberty is a very hormonal time and acne can be triggered by hormone fluctuations, acne usually appears with the onset of puberty.

Girls typically enter puberty earlier than boys do. For girls, puberty can begin anywhere between the ages of 8 and 13. For boys, onset of puberty occurs a few years later, sometime between the ages of 10 and 15. The appearance of acne can be a frustrating and embarrassing for girls, who often are subjected to teasing by their male peers. Being faced with acne, when most boys have yet to experience it, can create further communication gaps.

A Bit of Karma...

When boys do eventually experience acne, it can actually be worse than it is in their female peers. Boys have more testosterone, which can impact the appearance and severity of acne. Boys are sometimes less likely to use acne treatments, whereas most girls, with the exception of tomboys possibly, love spending time using beauty products, including acne treatments.

Acne in girls is also likely to clear up at an earlier age than boys, although we know even adults can experience acne. For boys, acne generally clears up when they reach the end of puberty, which can be as late as ages eighteen or nineteen.

For teenagers, popular acne treatments can be used by both girls and boys with one exception. Some manufacturers make tinted acne cream which some boys are reluctant to use because it can remind them of makeup. In that case, they can achieve successful treatment with the standard white acne creams.

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