5 Tips for Treating Your Genital Acne

Stop being embarrassed! Use these tips to get rid of your genital acne for good

Genital acne isn't something you talk about. It's a secret source of embarrassment. When you have regular acne, everybody and their brother can see it and while you don't have that problem with this form of acne, you know it's there and it makes you feel ashamed and unclean.

Genital acne treatment

To treat genital acne, you first have to understand why you have it. You didn't get it because of bad hygiene and it isn't a sexually transmitted disease. This form of acne occurs much like regular acne.

Your glands produce sweat and oil. Mix this with dead skin that your body sheds everyday and you can quickly get acne. Anyone can get genital acne, but many times athletes, people who exercise regularly, or those who have a manual labor job outside in the heat and sun are most likely to have problems with it.

Why? Because sweating a lot in your groin area often aggravates the situation. If you have a job working outside in the heat or you're jogging long distances, you can't stop, wash, and change clothes any time you want. Many times, this leads to an acne breakout.

With that said, here five tips to help you win the war against genital acne.

1. Antibacterial Cleanser

As mentioned above, cleanliness is very important in treating your genital acne. This doesn't mean that you aren't already clean, but if you are prone to these breakouts, you need to be extra careful to keep this area clean.

This doesn't mean to scrub in this area mercilessly -- just a regular baths with basic cleaning will do. The key is using an antibacterial cleanser. Look in the acne section of any drugstore and you should find plenty of acne cleansers.

2. Topical medication

After cleaning your groin area, apply an acne treatment cream or liquid made especially for acne. You find these in the acne section in stores or your dermatologist can prescribe a more powerful medication.

3. Antibiotic

After trying the antibacterial cleanser and topical treatment, you are still having problems, ask your dermatologist to prescribe an oral antibiotic. If you are especially prone to genital acne, you may need something stronger than an over-the-counter remedy.

4. Ventilation

This may sound a little strange, but wear clothing that allows air flow in your groin region. Wearing lighter weight materials is a great way to accomplish this. The recommended material is to use 100% cotton for your underwear and pants. Cotton fabric breathes while polyester traps in heat.

Also remember to keep your pants on the loose side. Wearing tight pants or jeans traps in the heat and sweat setting you up for all types of infections.

5. Soaps and detergents

Genital acne can also be triggered by using certain types of body soaps and clothes detergent. Sometimes you will find that you are sensitive to the chemicals that are in these products and they cause you to break out.

If you think this is the case, look for natural soaps and chemical free detergents. Begin using only these products for washing and see if it has any effect.

Follow these 5 tips and your acne should go away and stay gone. Remember that if you feel that your case of genital acne is especially severe, it is best to go ahead and get treatment from your family doctor.

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