5 Secrets of Acne Free Skin Revealed

Improve your acne from the inside out

When you're battling acne, you hear many remedies, cures, tips and 'how to's'. For instance, how many times have you heard 'Healthy skin starts from the inside out?' Probably, many times. But while you may be tired of hearing it, it's true. Working from the inside out is the best acne treatment you can use.

5 Secrets to Beautiful Skin

You might think it's your heart or your intestines, but it's not. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It's a living, breathing part of your body and you need to take care of it.

Slathering on lotions, ointments, and acne products are only temporary fixes and don't improve your acne or skin condition in the long run. To make permanent improvements to your skin, try these tips.

1. Drink plenty of water. You've always heard, 'drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Guess what? That's not enough for smooth, supple skin. A good rule to follow is to drink one quart of water for every 50 pounds of body weight.

Water hydrates your skin and helps your circulation and blood flow. This means more nutrients go to your skin to make it healthy.

2. Eat your antioxidants. What are antioxidants you ask? Antioxidants protect your body from the damage of free radicals and cancer. Some important antioxidants are selenium and CoQ10.

You can get plenty of antioxidants like selenium and CoQ10 by eating tuna, salmon, halibut, cod, snapper, lamb, shrimp, button mushrooms, and Brazil nuts. Also, eat plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits. Berries, tomatoes, apricots, beets, squash, spinach, sweet potatoes, tangerines, peppers, and beans are overflowing with antioxidant goodness.

If you don't want to eat your antioxidants, try drinking them. Green tea is a powerhouse when it comes to antioxidants. It slows DNA damage and stops inflammation.

3. Eat Vitamin A to get rid of dry, flaky skin. This vitamin hydrates the lower layers of your skin keeping it moist and supple. Oranges, carrots, cantaloupe, leafy greens, eggs, cheese and milk are all good sources of this vitamin.

4. Eat Vitamin C and E to repair your skin and protect it from the sun. You can get plenty of vitamin C from red bell peppers, lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, broccoli, greens, and brussel sprouts.

Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, olives, spinach, asparagus, olives, and leafy greens.

5. Eat your oils. Not all fats and oils are bad for you. Stay away from fats found in fast food and processed foods from the grocery store. Good fats are loaded with omega-3 essential fatty acids. They help your skin build a natural oil barrier to improve dry skin.
Omega-3 also reduces swelling inflammation and helps make your skin look smoother.

Olive and canola oil are good sources of omega-3. Flax seed, walnuts, salmon and tuna are good foods you can eat to improve your skin and keep it nourished.

Follow these 5 tips for beautiful skin. If eating these foods is unusual to you, try adding them to your diet a little at a time. Gradually increase these healthy foods and weed out the junk food, fast food, processed food, and soft drinks. It won't happen overnight, but before you know it you'll have beautiful acne free skin.

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